Commonly asked questions...


  1. How Do I register as a patient? - You need to go onto our new patient tab on our homepage, from there please follow the instructions. If you are having difficulty please contact us on our usual phoneline. 
  2. Can I register in more than one surgery? - No, you can only be registered to 1 GP surgery (medical centre) at a time. If you are a student that goes home for a few weeks at a time, you can register at your home surgery as a temporary patient. 
  3. Why does the reception team ask me so many questions? - They do this as it is their job, they need to understand why you are calling and how best they can help you. 
  4. Do I need to complete a PHQ9 & GAD7 every single time I need my mental health medication? - Yes, this is so the prescriber can ensure youre taking the right dose and the right medication. We understand it's frustrating, however we want to ensure youre getting the right treatment.
  5. Can I put in my prescription over the telephone? - No, we need a written request
  6. How do I get an appointment to see a doctor? - You need to submit an E-consult via our website, this is done by clicking the blue box on our website homepage. This means you can be directed to the most appropriate Dr for your needs, at the right time. 




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